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A Little About Me

     I made my greatest passion into a job and I think this is one of the most important ambitions: working with a passion for what you love, in my case photography in all its forms, is priceless.

     Born in Italy in 1983, in 2007 I started photography as a hobby armed with a small compact camera, shooting and experimenting continuously to achieve an inner balance that I always try to transfer into my images and videos that I make. I love to range from one genre to another, even if street photography is what I prefer. I work in different areas of photography, from public events to food photography, from landscapes to weddings, not only as a photographer but also as a film maker, I make in fact also viral videos, self-promotions, documentaries, short films, etc…

     More than a photographer, I consider myself quite a craftsman, who creates something unique and unrepeatable with his own hands, not just with my gear (in my case a camera), but above all with the eye and the heart. The “unrepeatable moment” occupies a fundamental place in my pictures and in my videos because it gives a specific meaning to every shot.

     Normally I’m not inclined to talk about me and describe me in terms of emotions nor professionally, I would rather let my works speak for me. In every shot I always put my soul, head and heart, every picture has something of myself and my way of being and feeling. I think it’s important to always keep your humility and your own personality, without being contaminated by what does not belong to us. In my small way I try to do this, I try to impress and excite the viewers of my photographs, making them part of what I create.


Some of the YouTube videos that I have written, directed, edited and post-produced by myself.

I used Adobe AfterEffects for all the special effects.

DJ night video promo made with After Effects My very first video, a funny approach to an internet key problem 

The Janitor inside Homer's brain More After Effects examples (number plate replacement)

Web-series attempt Strunz - awareness campaign

Android application mock-ups & graphics Museum's temporary collection promo


 Here are some sample pictures before and after photo retouching with Adobe Photoshop.

Blemish removal

r07a r07b

Blemish removal and color correction

r02a r02b

r04a r04b

Distortion and color correction

r06a r06b

IMG_1147prima IMG_1147dopo

01 02

a (2) b (2)

Cutting-out (face replacement) and color correction

r05a r05b

r03a r03b

r01a r01b

Objects removal and color correction

a1 a2

d1 d2

c1 c2


Fun Pictures


mirkohemingway parla con


Some of my editings on mangas, manhwas & co.

Adobe Photoshop PDF Adobe Photoshop PDF

02a 02b

03a 03b

04a 04b

05a 05b


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